Behind the scenes

MA: Photojournalism Westminster University

It’s been a full on first semester on the Westminster Photojournalism course.  My fellow students come from all walks of life, with experiences and backgrounds which practically cover the globe.

The Pictures for Publication module taught by Ben Edwards, is an eye opener – he certainly pushes you in terms of the what he expects and your potential as an image maker.  The brief was based around photographs made on the page of the A-Z where one lives, and included interior portraiture, exterior portraiture, emotion, action and work.  A great way to start the course, particularly if you’re new to the genre.  All my images were taken on Hampstead Heath, as this amazing space neatly fell on my page.  Lucky me.

I completed my photostory (taught by Polly Braden) on a Police Drill Instructor called Peter Clements.  He’s a fine man, and I enjoyed my time in his company.  Here’s a man who’s simplified life to it’s very essence.  A lesson to all of us trying to do too much.

Looking forward to some mince pies and getting stuck into Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, the classic text by James Agee and Walker Evans.


One thought on “MA: Photojournalism Westminster University

  1. Cris Ryan says:

    Hi Daniel

    I’m trying to put together a citation for my work colleague Pete Clements for an MBE (which we can’t tell him about) as he is due to retire soon and came accross your blog is there anything you can tell me about him that you learned from your time with him. I’m looking for things he does outside of work like charity or volunteering. I need to gather the evidence by close of play MOnday to forward to the home office and any help I can get would be appreciated. If you are not able to help I will understand. I think this picture pretty much sums him up to a tee..someone who can make laugh and quake in your boots at the same time. I still call him staff even now though he has not been my instructor in 15 years.


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