Behind the scenes

Habeas Corpus

The wikipedia definition of this term is a writ, or legal action, through which a prisoner can be released from unlawful detention.

For the purposes of this entry, it’s the title of the final show of the University of Westminster MA in Photojournalism, to which I have enrolled for this coming year.

There was an interesting symposium at the beginning of the evening involving the lecturers from the course, photographer Simon Norfolk and the curator of Photographic records at the Imperial War Museum.

In his inimitable way, Simon tore through the notion of the photographer as front line reporter, bemoaning the fact that their approach was staid, with little or no objectivity.  He stated that the military had little or no concern about the photographers’ welfare, only that they should head for the frontline, even though the only ‘contact’ with the enemy came from IED’s and long range sniper fire.

The subsequent exhibition was thought provoking in many ways.  See for yourself here.


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