Behind the scenes, Inspiration


I’ve visited Kenya three times in the last eight years – not nearly enough – inspired by this diary. Sometimes I’ve carried it with me to show locals the pictures and try and make some connection with them. At other times I’ve taken the opportunity to go on safari, stay with relations and friends, and generally drink in the atmosphere of the place – all in the guise of research, of course!

I’ve had enormous support from relations and friends while on my quest. Not least from Tim and Nicky BB.

Tim and Nicky, Kedong, 2002

… and Ric and Tanya Carter…


Much help has also been given by my great friend Nikos Pocock (below) who started ‘Africa Calling’ Safaris (the title of the diary) after my first trip in 2002.  We hired a vehicle, which we christened ‘Martha’, and tracked down some of the locations in the diary.


I was very fortunate to bump into a Kikuyu gentleman by the name of David Githiomi in the National Archives centre.  The building used to house the National Bank of India – my grandfathers’ employer – and I was in there searching for clues.  David was engaged in literary research, and over the period of my 3 trips, has proved to be an invaluable contact and resource.

David Githiomi


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